Welcome to Canal Labradors
Canal Labradors, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts just a few minutes from Cape Cod,
has been running for the past ten years, however owner Steven Smith has been working in
the breeding business for the past eighteen years.  We do all positive training and believe
that dogs aren't just pets they're members of the family.

A DOG IS FOR LIFE, not just for the holidays, or someone's birthday, and not just while he
is a cute puppy.  Train him now while he is small and be committed to him. Take him with you
through ALL of life's changes.  If you move he must be welcome there, too.  If you are not
prepared to keep him until he is old and grey,
PLEASE let him find a another family NOW
before he falls in love with you and commits himself as
Author - Unknown
Here at Canal Labradors we have a code of ethics that is as follows:
To maintain the original purpose of the Labrador Retriever as a retriever, we breed
only from the sound dogs that exemplify the breed standard and are able to
represent the breed, in the field as a willing worker, and/or as a hunting companion.

We breed only stock that must be x-rayed clear of hipdysphasia and certified OFA
and opthamologically examined and certified clear of hereditary eye disease by an
authorised veterinary opthamologist.

Canal Labradors uses sound breeding stock to lessen the occurrence of defects
judged to be hereditary.  While it is not possible to "guarantee" your dog will be free
of genetic defects, we do guarantee that both parents are certified free from hip-
dysphasia and hereditary eye diseases at the time of breeding.